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As wise men say, needs are ever-growing, but resources will always be limited. To have funds ready at all times is a challenging task. How exhausting can it be to wait for days on end to get the things you have dreamt of for so long? Et Voila! Here’s a quick and straightforward way of financing all of your needs on time. With Magic Loans, getting a loan is a cakewalk. We have got your back!

Personal Loan

Needs and wants don’t knock at the door with a fair warning. They come, they make you fight, but don’t let them conquer. Get personal loans for your requirements at a low rate.

Gold Loan

Do you have gold kept idle in your locker? Put it to use efficiently and enjoy the benefits of a gold loan.

Car Loan

How long will you keep running after buses and trains? Get a car loan to buy a car of your dreams.

Business Loan

Managing a business is a full-time job. Business loans are there to lighten your burden by providing funds for your business at any point in time.

Two Wheeler Loan

Don’t wait any longer for that road trip you planned way back. A two-wheeler loan is a hassle-free way to finance the purchase of a two-wheeler.

Credit Card

All the expenses beyond the budget can now be easily covered with a credit card. Spend now, pay later!

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MagicLoans, a one-stop-shop for all of your financial needs. We aim at providing the best of the best, taking into account the requirements and the comfort of the people associated with us. With prompt and convenient services at your disposal, getting loans is no longer a lengthy or troublesome procedure. With Magic Loans by your side, you don’t need to spread yourself too thin.


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Magic Loans is genuinely a blessing in disguise. It helped me through some of the roughest patches of my life. They guided me step-by-step while I was applying for a personal loan.
Reet Kaur
New Delhi
I struggled with terms, and Magic Loans made it easier for me to apply for gold loans and understand what facilities I can get at the moment.
A. Ramaprakash