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Gold Loan Faridabad Features:

Gold Loan Faridabad

Gold Loan Faridabad assist loan providing services to penniless individuals. It grants the loan with a massive amount and takes gold ornaments as insurance. The procedure of availing loan is swift and straightforward, with no complications in the middle of the process. Documents are required but only and only important documents to be presented. Applicants income source should be robust and accountable. Loans are availed to the customers for satisfying their needs, and hence, the money obtained from the loan is beneficial for numerous other activities.


Gold Loan Rate Per Gram Today in Faridabad:


Gold Loan in Faridabad Interest Rates and Charges:


Gold Loan in Faridabad Documents Required:

  1. Signature Proof: Passport Copy/Driving License/Banker’s verification/cheque.
  2. Proof of Identity: Passport Copy/ Voters ID card/ Driving License/Aadhaar card.
  3. 2 passport size photographs
  4. Address Proof: Ration card/ Tel, Electricity Bill/ Rental bill/ Passport copy/Trade license /Shop & Est. License/Sales Tax certificate.

Additional Documents Required for Gold Loan Faridabad

  1. Land Proof: In case of Agriculture Loan of more than Rs. 1 lac. The proof is not required for allied agriculture purposes.
  2. Income Proof: Salary Certificate and Form No.16
  3. A Promissory Note
  4. Certificate by the Jewel Appraiser (Bank will arrange).

Gold Loan in Faridabad Eligibility Criteria:

  1. The age should be 60 years and 21 years for the one’s applying for gold loan.
  2. The residents of India can apply for a gold loan.

Gold Loan Faridabad Agent and Contact Number:

MagicLoans is the dominating source for the amounting of Gold Loan in Faridabad. You can apply for a gold loan at MagicLoans website.

MagicLoans encourage the clients to probe for the ideal Banks and NBFCs by granting the detailed knowledge of other favourable banks. You need to visit the Magicloans website and fill your private and work details. Till the time, our Relationship Manager will give you a call.

Call 9878981144 and help yourself with the advisers for Gold Loan in Faridabad.

Pre Calculated EMI Table for Gold Loan Faridabad:

Rate of Interest
6 months
1 Yr
2 Yrs
3 Yrs
7.00% 17008 8652 4477 3088
8.00% 17058 8699 4523 3134
8.50% 17082 8722 4546 3157
9.00% 17107 8745 4568 3180
9.50% 17131 8678 4591 3203
10.00% 17156 8791 4614 3227
10.50% 17181 8815 4637 3250
11.00% 17205 8838 4661 3274
11.50% 17230 8861 4684 3298
12.00% 17254 8885 4707 3321
12.50% 17279 8908 4731 3345
13.00% 17304 8932 4754 3369
13.50% 17329 8955 4778 3393
14.00% 17354 8979 4801 3418
14.50% 17378 9002 4825 3442
15.00% 17403 9026 4845 3466


About Faridabad :

Faridabad is the Haryana’s largest city and a major industrial centre. It is one of the major satellite cities of Delhi located south of Chattisgarh. Various startups have started and are a boom for the city’s economy, as, in the industrial sector, large-scale companies like Havells, Yamaha, Indian Oil, etc. are contributing to the economic growth. Faridabad exports Henna(Mehandi) in a massive amount.

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