Gold Loan Silvassa

Gold Loan @ 7%

Apply & Get Instant Money

Gold Loan Silvassa helps customers meet their various monetary requirements like medical emergency, debt consolidation, etc. Banks are committed to easy documentation as well as fast allotment assisting the customers to avail a lot of services making their lives easier by being better at finance management.

Also, anyone looking for fast and straightforward disposal of Gold Loan may apply with the banks by checking in all the documentation and suitable requirements.

Gold Loan is a popular method of acquiring credit from banks in India as; generally, people prefer lower interest rates, and banks prefer secured loans.

Advantages of Gold Loan Silvassa

Fast – As gold is in exchange for a loan, banks are generally happy to provide loans due to security. In the case of default, they can sell gold, so approval for gold loan is done quickly.

Less interest rate – Safe loans usually carry less interest as compared to unsecured loans because of security.

No credit history required – CIBIL score is not necessary as this is not an unsecured loan. CIBIL score tells about the credibility of the individual.

No income proof – As the Loan is secured against gold, income proof is not required.

Eligibility for Gold Loan

Firstly, the individual should be an Indian.

It has to be a minimum of 21 years or above.

Should possess the required amount of gold.

Gold accepted from 18-22 karat.

 Gold Loan Interest Rates

The interest rate is generally up to 9% and varies according to the tenure and amount of loan.

Documents Required

Firstly, two passport size photos.

In addition, address proof

Id proof

PAN card

Lastly, signature proof

How to Apply?

There are two ways to apply for Gold Loan:

For online applications, individuals have to go to the website and fill the form. The particular bank will get in touch with the individual and assist in providing the loan.

For offline application, individuals have to go to the bank branch, and respective bank employees will help in giving credit.