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Increase Credit Card Limit

Every credit card has a particular limit that one can withdraw from his or her credit card to make purchases.

It is set bt the bank or company on your credit card.

When we apply for a credit card we are allowed a particular lower limit. Which is further increased on the basis of the habit of the use of credit card.

But if we do not want to wait for this long time span then we can do it by following a step by step procedure.

Present Your Income Proof

Card issuers normally count your income based on your last income tax report. If there is an increase in your income after your last tax filing, then you can present your present salary slip to the card company to request them to review the card limit.


Cut Down Your Liabilities And Inform The Card Issuer

The credit card issuer also takes into account at your Credit Score and present credit level. If you are already having loans in your name which is expected to be payback completely in the next few months, it lowers your leveraging capacity too. It is advised to pay your current loans because it will impact your credit card status as well.



Your Another Card With High Limits Can Come To Your Help

If you are having a Credit Card of any other company that has a higher limit, then you can request for an increase in the limit of the new card based on your present card with a higher limit.




•Your credit profile

•spending habit

•income level

•Credit Card companies also count income after EMIs/debt repayment when offering the card limit.


If you are using the credit card for the first time then you should wait for some time before requesting for improving the card limit because looking at your transaction pattern, the card company itself increase the limit.